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Cinnamon powder sieving machine

by Anonymous, 02 September 2017

Built with highest grade G.I box bar , Zinc coated sheets and Galvanized net. Ability to sieve 500-800 Kg per hour. Industrial durable 2HP single phase motor and gear box . Best cinnamon powder sieving machine in the market!

  •  Structure of the machine getting fabricated using G.I box bars.

  • Trommel getting fabricated.

  • Completed trommel .

  • Completed cinnamon powder sieving machine.

Gem preforming and sawing machine

by Anonymous, 21 July 2017

Built with highest grade stainless steel shaftings (Type 304).   Precision machined Aluminium casting for light weight, added durability and prolonged life.   Industrial quality powder coated paint layer.   Vibration dampeners.   Variable speed motor for extra precision where needed.   Ability to work with 3 grades of lapidary gemstone grinder/polisher wheels at the same time.   Simultaneous operation with or without the sawing wheel.   Best gemstone preforming and sawing combination machine in the market!

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